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What are the characteristics of solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture has natural texture, won the favor of many consumers, especially the love of senior and middle-level leaders, showing a certain taste. How about solid wood office furniture? Today, we will look at the characteristics of solid wood office furniture through the introduction of the following related content.

How about solid wood furniture?

1. Compared with the common furniture on the market, the most prominent feature of solid wood office furniture is its environmental protection. It not only retains the natural texture and luster of solid wood, but also has a good decorative effect as long as it is decorated with varnish. In addition, it is not easy to produce harmful gases, resulting in decoration pollution.

2. Solid wood office furniture is made of rare tree species due to the use of natural wood. Long-term use of furniture, the surface color will be darker, but also has a certain value-added space, and has a natural fragrance.

3. Solid wood office furniture, to a certain extent, also represents the traditional Chinese culture, not only antiques, but also has a certain historical charm, especially mahogany series furniture products. Let the whole space look higher-end, stable atmosphere, highlighting the taste of users. However, solid wood office furniture also has some shortcomings. Because of the water content problem, it is vulnerable to the weather, resulting in crack deformation, so it needs regular maintenance.

What should we pay attention to when making solid wood office furniture

1. Because each office is engaged in different industries, corporate culture and style are also different, so when choosing solid wood office furniture, we need to consider the characteristics of the industry and the spatial choice of the overall style.

2. When we customize solid wood office furniture, we should not only look at part of it, but also conduct a comprehensive investigation. Because each kind of furniture product has different characteristics and functions, we should consider the basis of actual selection when choosing, instead of choosing too large solid wood office furniture, which will restrict the activity space.

3. Customize solid wood office furniture, but also pay attention to the odor problem. If you smell more pungent odor, people will sneeze. That product contains more harmful gases. It is not recommended to buy. In addition, do not recommend furniture selection too fancy appearance, should be practical, furniture accessories should also be solid.