TMC3 Invisible Wardrobe Sliding Door Roller Fitting,wardrobe sliding door fitting,wood sliding door fitting,sliding door hanging wheel

TMC3 Invisible Wardrobe Sliding Door Roller Fitting
Technical features


TMC3 Invisible Wardrobe Sliding Door Roller Fitting

Item name Sliding door fittings
Rail Material Aluminum
Rail Length 2M or 3M
For door thickness19-26mm
Door weightmax.40kg

ISO 9001:2008


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Sliding door advatages

1. we are leading manufacturer of sliding door fittings for more than 20 years
2. the roller material is nylon, imported form Japan.It is with good quality, not easy to bend, when smooth the roller will not be out of shape and deorbit.
3.Other fittings material and equipment imported from Europe.
4.OEM and ODM, brands are available.


8 sets/carton ( for 2 doors per set) or as requested

1)Wide range of application, used for 18-22mm thickness door

2)High bearing capacity, single door can bear 40KG

3)The lower roller belt buffer, sliding smoothly

4)High strength aluminum alloy track, customized size

5)Door with damping buffer, ensure silent sliding, eliminate noise

  1. Sliding door fittings:Steel/Nylon

  2. Rail:Aluminum

  3. Packing:8sets/cartons(for 2 door per set) or as requested

  4. Rail length:2m or 3m

  5. For door thickness:19-26mm

  6. Door weight:max.40Kg

  7. Min.clearance between the two doors:8mm

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