Tips for Choosing and Purchasing Slide Track for Hardware Fittings of Integral Cabinet,hinge, cabinet hinge, drawer slide


Tips for Choosing and Purchasing Slide Track for Hardware Fittings of Integral Cabinet

If the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, then the slide track is the kidney. Whether the drawers of large and small can be pushed and pulled freely and smoothly, and how the load-bearing is, depends entirely on the support of sliding rails. From the point of view of current technology, the bottom slideway is better than the side slideway, and the whole drawer is better than the three-point connection. The material, principle, structure and technology of drawer slides vary greatly. High quality slides have small resistance, long service life and smooth drawers. Here are some simple ways to distinguish the quality of drawer slides:

The whole cabinet

Tips for Choosing and Purchasing Slide Track for Hardware Fittings of Integral Cabinet

1. Load-bearing capacity

The quality of slide rail directly affects the load-bearing capacity of drawers. You can check the load-bearing capacity of the drawer by pulling the drawer out completely, pressing the front edge of the drawer with your hand, and observing the drawer's forward inclination from the side. The smaller the forward inclination is, the stronger the drawer's load-bearing capacity is.

2. Internal structure

The inner part of the slideway is its bearing structure, which is directly related to its load-bearing capacity. At present, there are both steel ball slides and silicon wheel slides on the market. Ball slides automatically remove dust and dirt from the slides by rolling the beads, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the slides and not affecting their sliding function because dirt enters the interior. At the same time, the steel ball can diffuse the force around the drawer, ensuring the stability of the drawer in both horizontal and vertical directions.

3. Drawer Material

Steel drawers are deep silver-gray in appearance, delicate in texture, and thicker in side plate than aluminium drawers. Powder-sprayed steel drawer is lighter in color than steel drawer, light silver gray, thinner in thickness than steel drawer, but thicker than aluminium drawer.

Key Points of Choice and Purchase

1. Test steel. The drawer of cabinet can bear much weight, mainly depends on the steel of track, different specifications of drawer steel thickness, load-bearing is also different. When shopping, you can pull out the drawer and press it with your hand to see if it will loosen, beep or flip.

2. Look at the material. The material of pulley determines the comfort of drawer when sliding. Plastic pulley, steel ball and wear-resistant nylon are the most common three kinds of pulley materials. Among them, wear-resistant nylon is the top grade. When sliding, it is quiet and silent. Look at the pulley, you can use a finger to push and pull the drawer, it should be no astringency, no noise.

Choosing cabinets should not only focus on the appearance, but also on the hardware parts hidden inside the cabinets. Drawers are the main storage space of cabinets. If the slideway of the drawer is damaged, the drawer of the cabinet will be basically paralyzed. It can be seen that whether the drawer is easy to use is closely related to the slideway of the drawer of the cabinet.