Spread of Shortage of Employment in Cabinet Hardware Industry and Accelerate Industrial Transformation and Upgrading,cabinet hinges, cabinet handle, cabinet hanger


Spread of Shortage of Employment in Cabinet Hardware Industry and Accelerate Industrial Transformation and Upgrading

Mentioning the hardware industry, people may feel strange, but once you walk into the kitchen, you can find hardware products everywhere. Hardware products play an indispensable and important role in daily life, ranging from the basket, sink and faucet of the whole cabinet to the hinges, hinge and handle.

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Spreading of Shortage of Employment in Cabinet Hardware Industry to Accelerate Industrial Transformation and Upgrading

Revenge growth in order volume

\"This year's retaliatory growth of export orders in the hardware industry makes enterprises unhappy and worried.\" Shortage of employment\"not only tests the business strategy of enterprises, but also makes the whole industry have to think deeply about the aspects of deeper structural adjustment. Further upgrading the quality of technical equipment and products will be the inevitable trend of future development. \"Zhang Dongli, chairman of China Hardware Association, said at an industry promotion meeting recently held by China Hardware Association.

As a part of the manufacturing industry, the era that the hardware industry relies on cheap labor to obtain benefits has ended. At present, it is entering a period of deep development from structural adjustment. Improving technical equipment and improving product quality will be the inevitable trend of the future development of the hardware industry.

Zhang Dongli said that exports have always occupied a considerable proportion in the hardware industry. Last year, the export of the whole industry shrank considerably. Since the first quarter of this year, there has been a \"retaliatory\" increase in the order of tools and hardware, construction hardware and other industries, and the growth rate of many products is more than 50%. The association has gathered relevant industry experts to analyze it. We judge that this is because the European and American trade dealers underestimated the degree of economic and market warming this year. At the peak of the financial crisis, the purchase mode of \"replenishing orders\" has to replenish a large number of inventories. “

Hardware Industry Spreads \"Shortage of Employment\"“

It is reasonable to say that the market order is too busy, which should be a great joy for the industry. However, many enterprises are \"white-headed\" about it. At the promotion meeting, the reporter chatted with the head of a hardware enterprise in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, and told the reporter: \"After the Spring Festival, overseas orders suddenly increased dramatically. Even if the enterprises produce at full capacity, they can hardly meet the orders. When we went to recruit, the workers seemed to disappear all of a sudden, and it was no longer a question of how much salary was raised. According to reporters, the problem of \"labor shortage\" which mainly appeared in the southeastern coastal areas in the past not only aggravated further, but also began to shift to inland areas, spreading throughout the industry.

In fact, as early as the end of last year, many hardware enterprises began to use their brains to retain workers, especially skilled technicians. During the Spring Festival every year, many workers in coastal cities in Southeast China begin to return home, and after the following year, they re-select their places of work and jobs. According to the reporter's understanding, in Yongkang, Zhejiang Province, which is known as \"the hometown of Chinese hardware\", in order to enable workers to work on time, some metal enterprises with considerable vision have adopted the way of playing \"warmth card\" and \"friendship card\". Before the Spring Festival, they send year-end prizes and welfare to workers, hoping that they will have a sense of belonging to factories that have worked for several years and come back voluntarily next year. This is the case. Others adopt the opposite strategy. In order to avoid the loss of workers, they stipulate that bonuses should be paid after the Spring Festival, and the amount of bonuses should be increased correspondingly compared with the average level of the industry.

Industrial Transfer Will Lose Natural Advantage

Even so, there are fewer and fewer workers going to the three major hardware manufacturing bases in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Shandong Peninsula after the Spring Festival. With the construction of second and third-tier cities, the improvement of living standards and wage structure in the inland, the attractiveness of the whole manufacturing industry to the workers is declining. A deepening adjustment of the internal structure of the hardware industry is inevitable. Many enterprises have come up with a relatively simple and direct way: industrial transfer, enterprise relocation.

Industry experts said that, first of all, the natural advantages of existing industrial clusters in transportation, transportation, especially export, will be lost once the transfer of the mainland.

Secondly, there is a complete supporting system in industrial clusters from raw materials, processing, equipment, packaging and other aspects. \"Now some large-scale and high-standard leading enterprises begin to concentrate on brand-building and marketing, and hand over production links to competent partners in the industrial chain, that is, those peers with guaranteed quality and capacity to do OEM for themselves. Mainland China needs to build or replicate. Such a complete supporting chain is still difficult at present.

Moreover, all the industrial clusters are located in economically developed areas. \"The government's economic strength is relatively strong, and its support to enterprises and policies is greater than that in the Inland areas. Especially in the face of such a\"storm\"as the international financial crisis, the government's tax relief and even the provision of financial turnover support is very critical.\"

The expert also said, \"And if only to reduce labor and transfer, with the promotion of urbanization in the mainland, the wage level and consumption level of workers will increase year by year. If it takes less than a few years to relocate, it will be close to the coastal areas, which is totally unpaid. “

With the development of hardware industry, it is no longer possible to gain profits by relying on low-cost labor force and extensive expansion of production. Hardware enterprises should take the pressure of labor shortage as the driving force and accelerate the transformation and upgrading from labor-intensive to technology-intensive to intensive, technical and automated.