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How to Maintain Furniture Hardware Fittings

Furniture often has hardware fittings for decoration or protection. At the same time, maintenance of hardware fittings is also very important. If solid wood furniture with hardware fittings is not well maintained, it will affect the overall furniture artistic and practical properties. Maintenance of hardware fittings will be relatively simple, but can not be ignored.

Furniture Lock Hardware Maintenance: Now the furniture lock is very normal, but if the lock is damaged, reinstallation will bring more or less inevitable secondary damage to furniture.

1. Some copper locks and zinc alloy locks will appear some \"markings\" after using for a long time. These markings are caused by air oxidation, as long as the surface is regularly sprayed with wax maintenance.

2. When the keyhole on the lock is used for a long time, there will be a case of sticking the key. This is mainly because the internal lubricant has been used up. At this time, the graphite powder or pencil powder can be poured into the keyhole.

3. Pay attention to the waterproof of the lock, if the time is long, the spring inside the lock will rust.

4. After unlocking the key, we should pay attention to the need to return to the original position and pull out the lock core.

Maintenance of hardware fittings for doors, windows and wardrobes

1. Hand in hand needs to be wiped down with detergent every other time to keep bright.

2. With the wheel foot or suspension wheels and other moving parts, there will be problems such as cards or running position after a long time of use, which can be achieved by adding some lubricants to the wheels.

Kitchen Hardware Maintenance

1. Kitchen relative to other parts of the home is relatively humid, and kitchen furniture hardware should also adhere to dry cloth wiping, and then ventilation.

2. When the cabinet is used for a long time, there will be sound, as long as lubricants are added regularly.

Bathroom Hardware Maintenance

1. Frequently ventilate or turn on the exhaust fan to keep dry.

2. Do not place wet articles on hardware to prevent moisture from entering into the products and affecting their service life.

3. The remnants of shower gel will affect the chromium plating on the surface of sprinkler or faucet, thus deteriorating the gloss and directly affecting the sanitary hardware.