Compete for high-end market cabinet hardware industry to improve profit margin,high-end furniture hardware,Cabinet hardware, hinge


Compete for high-end market cabinet hardware industry to improve profit margin

Whether it is a high-end market or a low-end market, we need to meet the needs of consumer groups and create products, which is the long-term way to improve the value of products. As an important component of the cabinet, the hardware fittings industry should bear this in mind.

Cabinet Hardware Industry Needs to Increase Profit

Hardware industry belongs to the traditional industry of our country and plays an important role in furniture industry. Cabinet and other products need to use hardware in order to really achieve the comfort of use. Hardware has been in great demand, but the profit is not large. As a hardware enterprise, in order to improve its profits, it is necessary to actively innovate and avoid homogenization of products.

The cabinet hardware industry is now in the mid-stage of development. It is understood that with the tightening of upstream real estate consumption and the gradual reduction of market demand for hardware, many cabinet hardware enterprises have started strategic thinking, from the initial focus on sales to the focus on quality, design and brand operation, focusing on product positioning, creating unique products with their own brand cultural characteristics, and seeking more powerful marketing parties. Type.

High-end market becomes the focus battlefield

In recent years, the high-end market has become the focus battlefield of many cabinet hardware brands. On the one hand, high-end products play a great role in promoting profits and brand value. On the other hand, the current consumption level of Chinese cabinet hardware consumers is mainly concentrated in high-end.

Locate high-end target customers, cabinet hardware design, overall material quality, hardware accessories, installation, follow-up services, etc. should be upgraded to the corresponding level. Hardware enterprises are positioned in high-end customers, refine the market and implement differentiated management, which can effectively open up the market.

With the increasing diversification of market demand, consumers'pursuit of quality and personality is getting higher and higher. Cabinet hardware products with various functions and stylized shapes are also widely welcomed by many specific customer groups. Cabinet hardware products are ultimately in use to reflect its real value, the same product is good or bad also vary from person to person.