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Cabinet Design Diversification High-tech Hardware Application from time to time

The evolution of cabinet concept extension annotates the breakthrough and sublimation of cabinet connotation. The entry of TV, sound, network, office and other equipment has changed the role of kitchen cabinet as a tool of work. Perhaps in the near future, the kitchen cabinet will contain more culture, art and aesthetic taste. With the application of fashionable elements and high-tech, the physical function of aesthetics will gradually become the mainstream. For this reason, Haier's whole cabinet specialty store summarizes three trends of new kitchen concept.

Modern kitchen design is gradually changing traditional planning, such as hanging cabinet and corner cabinet, to open space as a feature, while leaving the light and so on. Traditional hanging cabinets are becoming less and less important, and high-rise cabinets with larger storage space have become substitutes.

The concept of cabinet extends to the main room. The so-called concept of main room extends from room pattern, such as bedroom, living room, study and so on. The plan of the cabinet is changing from the original L-shape and U-shape to the central position of the kitchen, breaking through the original form, the cabinet body is not near the wall on several sides, the center has island platform, and the water and electricity pipeline is going from the open. The concept of main room gives users more freedom.

Standard Equipment and Integration

The standardization of kitchen cabinets has long troubled the kitchen cabinet industry and enterprises, but in recent years there has been a breakthrough hope and direction - kitchen cabinets towards the direction of equipment and integration. For example, the Italian sheer kitchen cabinet, the entire kitchen cabinet is a ball, placed in the center, next to the auxiliary kitchen appliances, when used, open the hemisphere, when not used.

Some kitchen cabinet enterprises in Europe and America pay attention to the development of equipped kitchen components from time to time. Many enterprises in China are developing or have consumed kitchen integration equipment, such as dishwasher, sink integration equipment, lampblack machine, stove, disinfection cabinet (oven) integration equipment. This is a further development of the concept of \"integral kitchen\".

No matter how the prevailing trend changes, people always yearn for classics that are not easy to be eliminated. Steady atmosphere of black ash, deep coffee will become the prevailing color of kitchen cabinets this year and next year. From the color of the kitchen cabinet, the previous few years are mainly pure color, monochrome high-light materials, such as white, red, olive green, vanilla and so on, will continue to prevail. But in the monochrome background, the decoration of partial discontinuation of wood grain or natural wood grain will also be popular, and the wood grain color will return.

Classical style cabinets are mostly made of solid wood. Frames and door panels are hand-carved, together with hand-painted and polished, reflecting the style of returning to the ancients. Modern style of kitchen cabinets are also keeping up with this trend, wood-like cabinets are everywhere, from the visual to create a sense of warmth of wood, but the appearance is modern and simple, there is a dislocation of the aesthetic feeling.

Diversification and Intelligence of Hardware

With the diversification of kitchen cabinet design, new high-tech hardware is used from time to time. Damping mute technology will be applied to hardware outside drawers, such as door hinges, upside down door hardware, etc. The use of kitchen lamps and lanterns will also gradually increase; non-handled, press-and-pop cabinet doors and drawers will become more common. Kitchen dregs disposer will also be accepted by more and more people.

In addition, kitchen cabinet hardware will become more intelligent, many of them are electric induction. Whether the drawer is light, heavy or narrow, it can be opened automatically by just touching or pulling it quietly. The push-pull doors in the kitchen cabinet are mostly opened and returned automatically. Even if both hands are holding objects, the users can control them freely and safely.

Material advocates natural and environmental protection

The main material of kitchen cabinet will emphasize the use of healthy materials. The application of natural environmental protection or environmental protection materials (such as quartz table) will become more and more popular. The application of metal and glass, stainless steel table panels will also be more and more.

Ensuring the health of processors and users, saving materials, using natural, recyclable and degradable materials, so as to reach the voice of environmental protection will become more and more intense.

Eliminating smoke, noise, radiation, formaldehyde, light pollution, including drinking water purification, sewage disposal, air circulation and so on will be the future development direction of kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinet material accounts for 70% to 80% of all consumed boards. And the kitchen cabinet and food, kitchen utensils \"close contact\". Only when the box is environmentally friendly can food and tableware be protected from pollution. The environmental protection of the cabinet is the key to the environmental protection of the kitchen cabinet. The development trend of the cabinet will be internationalized for a long time.