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About cabinet hardware ~you must know!

The whole cabinet is one of the indispensable big pieces in the kitchen. When choosing the cabinet, people may pay more attention to the surface parts, such as the cabinet counter, cabinet door panels, etc. But for the small parts of the cabinet, such as cabinet hardware. Actually, when choosing and buying cabinets, these links also need our attention. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the cabinet hardware selection method.

Cabinet hardware mainly includes: kickboard; pull basket; steel drawing, knife and fork disc; faucet; sink and so on. Cabinet hardware purchase 1: Kicking board Kicking board is often overlooked, in fact, kitchen cabinet first problem may be it. Because it is nearest to the ground, if the ground is very wet, it is likely to foam and mildew. There are two kinds of kickboards: wooden and frosted metal.

Wood kickboards manufacturers generally use the corner scrap left over when making cabinets, which costs less. However, due to the close distance between the kickboard and the ground, wood materials are easy to absorb water and moisture, and water vapor will rise along the kickboard endangering the entire cabinet. Cabinet hardware purchase 2: Ladle basket has a larger storage space, and can be reasonable segmentation space, so that all kinds of goods and appliances have their own place. In this regard, the performance of the big and small monsters in Germany is more outstanding. They can not only maximize the use of built-in space, but also make full use of the abandoned space around the corner to maximize the use value.

According to different uses, the basket can be divided into hearth basket, three-sided basket, drawer basket, ultra-narrow basket, high-depth basket, corner basket and so on. Cabinet hardware selection 3: steel drawer, knife and fork disc steel drawer, knife and fork disc size accurate, standardized, easy to clean, not afraid of pollution, will not be deformed, for the maintenance and use of cabinet drawers, has its irreplaceable role, has long been widely used by Cabinet Companies in Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed countries.

Therefore, when you roughly observe the appearance of the kitchen cabinet, you should open each drawer to have a look. If the combination of steel drawer and knife and fork disc is used, it shows that the cost of the product is higher and the combination of kitchen cabinets is more standardized. On the contrary, if the combination of wooden drawers is used, the cost is lower. Steel suction and cutter and fork disc are also imported and domestic, mainly in the slideway and surface treatment firmness.