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The Group Standard of \\\\

     The standard emphasizes the direct control of harmful substance release, and introduces the concept of total quantity control from the design stage. The successful publication and implementation of this standard fills in the domestic blank of the standard of household customized products, provides a legal basis for protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, sets a benchmark for promoting the healthy growth of the new format of household customization, and points out the direction.

       Shanghai Consumer Insurance Commission said that the \\\"whole house customization\\\" industry involves a large number of enterprises, large market demand and high prices, but this kind of furniture is quite different from traditional furniture, the current standard can not meet consumer demand, should speed up the formulation and promulgation of standards. In order to solve the problems of indeterminate customization, unclear rules and opaque information, the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee has jointly formulated the Furniture for All-House Customization with Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association, Shanghai Interior Decoration Industry Association, Shanghai Furniture Industry Association, Shanghai Decoration and Decoration Industry Association, Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association and 47 enterprises. The Shanghai Group Standard will be implemented on March 15, 2018.