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New Standards Like \\

       Hardware has been playing a very important role in the cabinet products. Because the cabinet is in the humid and smoky environment in the kitchen, it is required that the hardware fittings have the characteristics of anti-corrosion, not easy to rust, environmental protection and durability. Because the cabinet hardware industry is a low threshold industry, the industry chaos emerges endlessly. Now with the implementation of the new \"Environmental Protection Law\", the cabinet hardware industry may usher in a new development situation.

The new standard is like a \"hoop curse\" to win a new situation in the development of cabinet hardware

Cabinet hardware enterprises are numerous and miscellaneous and lack of standard to rectify the market

Cabinet hardware industry access threshold is not high, it belongs to a low technical threshold, high management threshold industry. At present, China's cabinet hardware industry lacks a national brand. Generally speaking, there are many small enterprises, low industry concentration, local brands and few national brands. It belongs to the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period. Due to the low entry threshold, there are many cabinet hardware manufacturers on the market at present, the quality of products is uneven, the homogeneity is very serious, and many of them are small workshop-type processing plants. Cabinet hardware enterprises are numerous and miscellaneous, and there is no standard to regulate the hardware market, which is not conducive to the sustainable development of the entire cabinet hardware industry.

Hope for Implementing the Hardware Market Environment Improvement in the New Environmental Protection Law

After more than three years of comprehensive revision, the new Environmental Protection Law came into effect on January 1, 2015. The new environmental protection law established the basic national policy of protecting the environment in the form of law, and designated June 5 as the environmental day. Its innovative design of \"daily penalty\" and gives environmental law enforcement officers the power to seal up and seize, environmental protection departments can directly limit or stop production of excessive or excessive amounts of acts. The promulgation of the new Environmental Protection Law is about to set off a \"green revolution\" in the hardware industry, which is an opportunity and a challenge for the cabinet hardware enterprises. The implementation of the new standard will give the cabinet hardware industry a \"sweep\". Some small enterprises with hidden greasy will be eliminated because of \"failing to meet the standard\". This has played a great role in promoting the standardization of the cabinet hardware market.

Environmental Protection is the Main Melody of the Development of Cabinet Hardware Enterprises

At present, consumers'requirements for cabinet hardware products are getting higher and higher, and the industry standards are getting stricter and stricter. Therefore, the cabinet hardware enterprises also need to make more efforts in this regard, so that products through the relevant national environmental protection certification. In the future, the development of cabinet hardware industry should not only pay attention to product quality, brand awareness, marketing promotion and scientific and technological innovation, but also pay attention to low-carbon heat. In the future, cabinet hardware will pursue low-carbon, energy-saving, green and environmental protection. Enterprises need to improve technological innovation, develop more energy-saving products, increase resources conservation and environmental protection efforts, and strive to realize the transformation of industrial structure from energy-intensive to capital, technology and knowledge-intensive industries, so as to reduce the proportion of high energy consumption, high pollution and high convergence industries in the national economy.