How to choose hardware accessories for panel furniture factory?,hardware fittings for furniture, 3 in 1 connector, furniture handle


How to choose hardware accessories for panel furniture factory?

1. What is panel furniture? If we want to understand the hardware fittings of panel furniture, we should first know what is panel furniture. Unlike other furniture, panel furniture is based on wood-based panels. With plate as the basic structure, their gloss is very high, feel is very good, fine technology, very popular in the market. Common board furniture materials are medium density fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, blockboard, etc., the most commonly used are particleboard and medium fiberboard.

2. What are the common hardware fittings for panel furniture?

(1) The structural type of hardware fittings of panel furniture: sofa leg, metal leg, bed foot, cabinet foot, chassis, footpad, etc.

(2) Functional type of hardware fittings for panel furniture: screw, nut, plate bracket, three-in-one connector, slide rail, drawer track, pull rod, shoe rack, eccentric wheel, hinge, horseback drawing, partition fittings, etc.

(3) Decorative type of hardware fittings for panel furniture: pendant, handle, aluminium edge sealing, etc.

3. What are the better hardware fittings brands? How do we choose and buy them?

Overall market sales, our domestic hardware accessories brand is not well-known, foreign products occupy our hardware market. If you want to buy good hardware products, you can choose not only better hardware accessories brands abroad, but also domestic products with little popularity but reliable quality. Although the market share and popularity of Xinhongkuan Hardware are relatively not comprehensive, Xinhongkuan adheres to the concept of dedicated service, and enters the market with the concept of quality casting brand, and recommends its use. Xiaobian here also reminds you that no matter which hardware fittings brand you choose, you should pay attention to when purchasing:

(1) The surface of hardware fittings must be smooth. Timely your choice of hardware accessories brand awareness is very high, but you can not rule out the possibility of buying inferior products. And the biggest feature of inferior products is that the surface is not smooth enough, we should pay attention to when choosing and purchasing.

(2) The packaging information of hardware fittings should be detailed. Hardware packaging should have detailed manufacturer information, packaging should have quality inspection certificates and installation instructions, you remember to check incomplete when choosing and purchasing.