Home Hardware Industry Scale Over 200 Billion RMB Presents Blue Sea of New Industry Economy,Home hardware, furniture hardware,intelligent hardware


Home Hardware Industry Scale Over 200 Billion RMB Presents Blue Sea of New Industry Economy

      Home hardware industry in China is developing rapidly, and its scale has exceeded 200 billion yuan. At the same time that the industry organization announced its establishment, the black technology \"intelligent cloud lock\" of its industry also appeared high-profile. The group standard of China Hardware Association \"Functional Requirements of Intelligent Cloud Lock\" was officially released. It is reported that the Intelligent Cloud lock is the first standard for cloud lock products in the world, and it also fills in the blank of the standardization system of intelligent hardware in China.

       In recent years, with the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living quality, smart home, smart community and smart city have become a new trend of national industrial orientation and consumption upgrading, and the supporting home hardware industry has developed rapidly. According to incomplete statistics, China's home hardware industry has formed a scale of more than 200 billion yuan.

      With the rise of this new industry Blue Sea, Huawei, ZTE, millet, Haier, Suning, 360 and other telecommunications giants, security, home appliances, electricians, lighting and other industries began to cultivate their own smart home products and smart security systems.

      As one of the most important categories, electronic intelligent door lock has developed rapidly. The new smart home security products electronic smart cloud lock is popular in the market. So far, the Intelligent Cloud lock industry has crossed the hardware industry and become the focus of attention in the whole industry.

      Speaking at the founding meeting of the Home Hardware Professional Committee of the China Hardware Products Association, Shi Senglan, chairman of the China Hardware Products Association, said that under the background of the continuous integration of the large-scale residential industry, the vigorous development of the home hardware industry, the continuous promotion of the industry status, industry scale and influence, but also in urgent need of group development, he established the \"Home Hardware Professional Committee of the China Hardware Products Association\". \"Hui\" will greatly promote the upgrading and development of the industry.

      Shi Sanglan said that the hardware manufacturing industry plays a connecting role between the top and bottom of the industry chain, and the small industry affects the big industry. The development of the whole industry chain is the next new economic growth point of the hardware industry. Home hardware is facing a new mission and proposition. Under the guidance and guidance of the national industrial policy, we should accurately locate the intelligent manufacturing, concentrate on ourselves, and solve the new industrial issues in this era by integrating various complex technologies, such as excellent design, amazing technology, high-quality material selection, excellent quality and so on.