Consumers should attach importance to quality cabinet hardware with both function and beauty,hardware accessories of cabinets, cabinet hardware, damped slide rail


Consumers should attach importance to quality cabinet hardware with both function and beauty

In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of consumer demand, this puts forward greater demand and higher requirements for the hardware accessories of cabinets. In fact, the quality and grade of cabinets have also been greatly reflected in the selection of hardware accessories. Needless to say, the function and life of cabinets largely depend on hardware accessories.

Consumers should attach importance to quality cabinet hardware with both function and beauty

Cabinet accessories should have both function and beauty

Cabinet hardware fittings are used frequently. Today, home furnishings increasingly require individualization and integrity. In addition to meeting the mechanical properties, rust-proof, moisture-proof and fatigue performance of movable parts, cabinet hardware should also have a bright decoration and integrity matching with the overall cabinet style.

Take the most common handle for example, in addition to stainless steel salad handles, there are black, bronze, chrome, pearl nickel and transparent paint on the market at present. In the shape, there are European, Chinese, conventional, special-shaped and so on, which can meet the diversified needs of consumers.

It is especially important to use high frequency and high quality slides.

The importance of steel ball sliding track is second only to hinge. The better sliding function should be the natural combination of stability and load-bearing effect. Under rated load-bearing conditions, there is no obvious friction sound and jamming phenomenon, and the sliding is smooth. Ball slides must be leveled on both sides. If the slides go wrong, besides the quality of the products, there is another reason that the installation is improper, probably due to the non-leveling on both sides. Like hinges, slideways are very important in cabinet fittings because they are frequently used hardware fittings.

It plays an important role in the use effect and life of drawers. At present, there are two common types in the market: the \"iron plate slide rail\" and the \"damped slide rail\".

The general load-bearing capacity of the steel plate suction slide is about 35 kg, and the damping suction slide is between 45 kg and 70 kg. It not only pulls silently, but also bears a great increase in gravity. Moreover, the damped slideway can reduce the noise caused by severe mechanical collision and prevent premature aging of metal parts, and has the function of automatic dust removal. If the wallboard of the slide track is thin and rough in workmanship, problems such as poor sliding, noise and damage will occur after a period of use.

Conclusion: Nowadays, consumers are more and more careful. When they buy cabinets, the quality requirements for cabinet accessories are also higher and higher. Cabinet merchants must do a good job of details, with excellent quality assurance and excellent service level to touch the hearts of consumers.