Cabinet Hardware Encounters Policy, Strengthen Technical Innovation and Take a Low Carbon Route,cabinet hardware, china furniture hardware factory, cabinet fittings


Cabinet Hardware Encounters Policy, Strengthen Technical Innovation and Take a Low Carbon Route

Following the \"home appliances go to the countryside\" and \"automobiles go to the countryside\", the \"building materials go to the countryside\" launched in the No. 1 document of the Central Committee this year followed. Faced with the export dilemma, many hardware enterprises began to consider \"export to domestic sales\". The introduction of this policy can be described as \"sending charcoal in the snow\".

Building materials go to the countryside to provide opportunities for cabinet and hardware industry

Industry insiders believe that building materials to the countryside in addition to cabinet, hardware and other related industries to provide tremendous business opportunities, but also conducive to industrial restructuring, accelerate the expansion of the market for superior enterprises, backward capacity withdrawal.

It is reported that the products of building materials going to the countryside must first be those manufactured by regular manufacturers in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state. Despite the low price, the products with backward production technology and level will never be included in the scope of building materials going to the countryside. Therefore, building materials going to the countryside is to encourage the development of advanced technology, environmental protection and energy-saving building materials enterprises, and to exclude products with low technology, high pollution and high energy consumption.

Cabinet Hardware Needs to Strengthen Technical Innovation and Pursue Low Carbon

China is recognized as a major manufacturer of hardware products. Its background is that China has abundant and cheap labor resources, but its products have low technology content, which requires a change from manufacturer to creator. First-class products are sold to Europe and America, and inferior products are sold in China. Chinese hardware enterprises need to produce products with core technology.

At present, the cabinet industry and hardware industry have appeared low-carbon heat, the future building will be more pursuit of low-carbon, energy-saving, green, environmental protection. In the future, a large number of new materials with low-carbon technical characteristics will be used in the construction industry. The market demand of new energy-saving and environmental protection household building materials will maintain a long-term growth trend. Not only cabinet enterprises, but also hardware enterprises are bound to develop more energy-saving products through technological innovation. At the same time, efforts should be made to save resources and protect the environment. They should strive to realize the transformation of industrial structure from energy-intensive to capital, technology and knowledge-intensive industries, and reduce the proportion of high energy consumption, high pollution and high convergence industries in the national economy.

At present, some domestic hardware enterprises have gradually developed from processing enterprises to independent and innovative high-value-added enterprises, positioned as \"internationalization, specialization, technology-oriented, market-oriented\", mainly in export trade. The suppliers of cabinet hardware should also pay more attention to brand building and technological innovation, and go out of a new world under the background of expanding domestic demand.