Cabinet Hardware Development Highlights Intelligent Make Life More Convenient,Hardware fittings, Intelligent Cabinet Hardware,Hardware accessories,intelligent drawer slide


Cabinet Hardware Development Highlights Intelligent Make Life More Convenient

Kitchen, as an important part of home life, often reflects the personality and habits of users. Hardware fittings, as an indispensable \"partner\" of cabinets, have also shown a rapid development trend in recent years. With the \"fierce blow\" of intelligent wind, the cabinet hardware industry has also ignited a fire. Intelligent cabinet hardware has become a major highlight of current development.

Cabinet Hardware Development Highlights Intelligent Make Life More Convenient

Hardware fittings are indispensable for high comfort requirements

Hardware accessories play an important role in cabinets and home decoration. Industry insiders said that as long as there are corresponding hardware accessories, very complex multi-functional cabinets can be produced. The quality and grade of cabinets are mainly reflected in the selection of hardware accessories. The inconvenience of cabinets is largely due to the improper selection or lack of hardware accessories. Moreover, the value of hardware accessories in cabinets accounts for 5%, but the comfort degree of operation accounts for 85%. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, modern people hope to live a \"lazy\" life, and begin to require more and more humanized and intelligent hardware, the use rate of hardware in the cabinet reaches 35%, so this will be more obvious in the cabinet industry.

Intelligent Cabinet Hardware Makes Life More Convenient

The field of high-end cabinets abroad has always been at the forefront of the industry. The first electronic intelligent drawer was introduced, which realizes the simple design of cabinets without handle and can be triggered at a touch. The use of new damp and sliding rails has realized the cabinet drawers with strong load, no rebound and no leakage, and prolonged the service life of damp and sliding rails. These designs strongly prove that the cabinet hardware is gradually moving towards intellectualization.

Industry insiders said that the development trend of \"intelligent\" cabinet hardware accessories not only adds bricks and tiles to the cabinet industry, but also brings the possibility of hardware accessories to the impossibility of real life. China's cabinet hardware enterprises should constantly break through and fight with the tide to guide the healthy and sustainable development of the cabinet industry.

However, the development of cabinet hardware intellectualization, enterprises also need to base on consumer demand, in terms of function to be more perfect, in terms of price to be more people-friendly, only in this way can greatly enhance the attractiveness of products.