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Cabinet Hardware Accessories

      The cabinet hardware fittings are divided into two types: functional and decorative. The cabinet is in a humid and smoky environment in the kitchen. The choice of hardware fittings should be able to withstand the test of corrosion, rust and damage. Functional cabinet hardware refers to hardware accessories used to achieve certain functions, such as hinges and drawer slides. Among them, hinge to withstand the test of time, it must not only open and close cabinet doors, but also bear the weight of the door alone; in addition, drawer slides can not be ignored, it is fixed on the side board and drawer, bear the full weight of drawers, high-quality drawer slides, no effort to pull the drawer. Therefore, the choice of these hardware accessories must be of good quality. Users are advised to purchase or use cabinet hardware parts made of stainless steel.

       Purchase functional hardware accessories, first, carefully observe whether the appearance is rough, and then use hand sliding switch to test several times to see whether sensitive, whether there is abnormal noise, and do not compare with furniture hardware, but need to compare with similar products, second, depend on materials, the use of materials is better, manufacturers as far as possible have a long history of operation, high credibility. As far as the quality identification of hardware fittings is concerned, it can be distinguished by the feel, smoothness and fit gap of the products. The qualified users should choose the hardware fittings manufactured by the regular manufacturers, because the regular manufacturers mostly use die processing, which has the characteristics of high precision, good dimensional consistency and standardized processing technology.

       In addition, decorative cabinet hardware accessories, such as cabinet handles, should consider and furniture color, texture coordination. Cabinet handle should not use solid wood handle, otherwise in the humid environment, the handle is easy to deform. Solid wood cabinets can choose to imitate antique as old handles, both made of zinc alloy and other materials, but also made of engineering plastics pressed by moulds. Their surface patterns can be made very meticulous and delicate, and after surface treatment, they can completely match with wood, the effect is very good.

       Many users often regard hardware fittings as ordinary fittings, easily neglected the choice of parts and fittings of consumer hardware products, pay less attention to the matching and coordination of hardware fittings and the overall cabinet, or neglect to know the basic knowledge of hardware fittings in advance, nor grasp the basic knowledge of identifying and verifying hardware fittings, and tend to be casual in the decoration market of building materials. Purchasing, or being fooled by bad salesmen, purchased hardware fittings that do not match the kitchen, which brings many troubles and even troubles to the future use and maintenance.

        Therefore, before purchasing hardware fittings, can grasp or understand the relevant reference materials, for consumers, can not only choose hardware fittings more in line with their own needs, but also can enjoy high-quality life fun.