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Cabinet Development and Change, Hardware Market First

China's cabinet industry is now in the mid-term stage of development, cabinet enterprises have gradually shifted from the initial focus on sales to focus on quality, design, brand operation, in order to seek long-term sustainable development. Chinese consumers have transited from the early pyramid structure to the current Rugby diamond structure. Therefore, the biggest business opportunity for the development of the cabinet industry is also in the research and development of mid-grade products. With the rise of raw materials and labor costs, it is inevitable that most cabinet enterprises should seize the mid-high-end cabinet market.

The development and transformation of the cabinet market will inevitably lead to the development and transformation of the cabinet hardware market. The middle and high-grade cabinet hardware is the trend of market development. Many cabinet enterprises have gradually transited from blind dependence on a hardware brand to rational choice, that is, to choose high cost-effective accessories, suitable for their own cabinet grade accessories.

For example, some mid-level, or even to resist the use of high-grade cabinet products hardware accessories, some mid-level cabinet enterprises to pursue profits and choose to standard low-grade domestic hardware accessories, which is irresponsible for consumers, but also affect the development of their own brand. With the development of the cabinet market, the cabinet enterprises will choose their own hardware accessories according to the positioning of their products, and the chaotic state of blindly selecting hardware accessories will become history.

The GRASSHOPPER Cooper Hardware 2012 Market Seminar was held in Guangzhou. A one-day heated discussion was held around the theme of \"Cooper Hardware Brand Strategy, Product Strategy, Channel Strategy and Talent Strategy in 2012\". More than 100 people from Kubo Hardware Distributors (Agents) and Intentional Distributors (Agents) participated in the seminar.

Mr. Ma Baishan, General Manager of Marketing of Kubo Hardware in China, stepped on the stage. From the market point of view, he analyzed the advantages of Kubo Hardware in dealing with the future market. At the same time, he shared the strategies and modes of marketing well, which strengthened the confidence of participating agents, distributors and the trust of Kubo Company. Ma Baishan said that in the next five years, 31.7% of cities in China will use cabinets, with an annual market capacity of 70 billion yuan. The huge market capacity and the changing consumption concept will surely lead China's cabinet and kitchen electric industry into a golden period of development.

The quality and performance of Kubo hardware products are high-grade brands, and the price is positioned in the middle and high-end. Kubo hardware will be favored by more and more cabinet enterprises.