Brand Awareness Unprecedented Strengthen Cabinet Hardware Industry to a Higher Level,cabinet hardware,cabinet hardware manufacturer, China hardware manufacturer


Brand Awareness Unprecedented Strengthen Cabinet Hardware Industry to a Higher Level

After entering the new century, China's cabinet hardware industry undertook the major task of international industry transfer, took about 10 years to quickly ascend to power, and became the world's largest cabinet hardware manufacturer. But brand has become the foundation and core of enterprise development. After more than ten years of rapid development, brand awareness has been unprecedentedly strengthened in the cabinet hardware industry. Building brand has become the core development strategy for the industry's knowledgeable enterprises to build a century-old industry.

Brand Awareness Unprecedented Strengthen Cabinet Hardware Industry to a Higher Level

Cabinet Hardware Enterprises Should Break the Shackles

In the process of undertaking international industrial transfer, a large number of Chinese enterprises have made great strides from small to large through OEM, but OEM is only a specific historical stage of industrial development. Cabinet hardware enterprises have realized the upgrading of technology and experience in this stage, but they have also paid a hard labor and resource cost, which is not the ultimate pursuit of enterprise development after all. In order to realize internationalization and build a century-old enterprise, Chinese cabinet hardware products must start with brand building.

China's cabinet hardware manufacturing industry has acquired a high level of manufacturing capacity after a period of accumulation. The cabinet hardware products manufactured are no longer synonymous with low quality and low price. The quality of products has been recognized by the international mainstream buyers and markets. But the improvement of quality and quality does not mean that brand building will win the final victory. Chinese cabinet hardware enterprises still play the role of lower-level producers and processors in the international market division of labor.

The reason is that although they have the ability to produce high-quality products, most of the time these products are provided to international brands through OEM or ODM. Lack of brand has become a fatal defect of Chinese enterprises in international competition. It is undeniable that OEM has enabled Chinese enterprises to complete their initial capital accumulation in a short period of time, but when the accumulation reaches a certain level, this mode of production becomes a shackle and a barrier for enterprises to move to a higher level.

Towards Brand Building and Technological Innovation

At present, some domestic hardware enterprises have gradually developed from processing enterprises to independent and innovative high-value-added enterprises, positioned in the internationalization, specialization, technology-oriented, market-oriented, mainly export trade. The suppliers of cabinet hardware should also pay more attention to brand building and technological innovation, and go out of a new world under the background of expanding domestic demand.

Cabinet hardware products, only with high quality, can win the market and establish a good brand image. As the saying goes, entrepreneurship is easy and difficult. If the quality of cabinet hardware products can not be improved, not only the market will be difficult to expand, not conducive to brand building, but even these stable markets won through many difficulties will gradually lose.