Analysis of the Current Situation of China\'s Cabinet Hardware Market with Extensive Functions,rust-proof hardware,stainless steel salad handles,chrome handle


Analysis of the Current Situation of China\\\'s Cabinet Hardware Market with Extensive Functions

Home hardware is more exaggerated its rigid function, rust-proof, moisture-proof, sports parts and other moral character. In the future, apart from satisfying the above-mentioned efficacy, household hardware should also have a bright decoration in front of people and a complete complement to the overall home camouflage style.

Take the most common handle for example, in addition to stainless steel salad handles, there are also black, bronze, chrome, pearl nickel plus bright paint on the market. In appearance, there are European, Chinese, customary, special-shaped and so on, which can satisfy the needs of diversification of consumers.

Industry insiders said that the price of hardware accessories in furniture accounted for 5%, but the tranquility of operation accounted for 85%. This shows the importance of hardware fittings in furniture. Home hardware can be divided into general and special categories according to setting. The former includes hinge, button, slide rail and so on. The latter includes bathroom hardware and kitchen hangings. Among them, hinges, slides, hinge and locks are most frequently used in daily life, so they seem to be more relaxed.

Due to the increasing needs of consumers, there are more requests for hardware accessories. Take furniture industry for example, the quality and taste of furniture ease the original selection of hardware accessories. The convenience of furniture utilization is largely due to the improper selection of hardware fittings or the lack of them. Industry proverbs: Only responding hardware accessories, incomparably complex multi-purpose furniture can be manufactured.

In the integrated bathroom plan, water temperature actively conditioning bathroom accessories, card locks, automatic doors, feel switches and so on have also begun to enter the survival of people, providing the necessary premise for the home to develop towards intellectualization. Intelligence is a major development trend of household hardware. Some people show that life at home is becoming more and more important for individuals, and the comfort requirement for home is getting higher and higher.

Nowadays, people are looking forward to the diligent way of life, imploring that hardware is becoming more and more humane and intelligent. This is more significant in the cabinet industry where hardware applications reach 35%. For example, the overseas high-end cabinet category launched electronic intelligent pumping, completed the simple idea of cabinet without handles, swords drawn. The new type of damper and sliding rail can realize the cabinet drawer with strong load, no rebound and no leakage, and extend the service life of the damper and sliding rail.

Without adequate financial support, the enterprise can not make progress in product calculation and technology content. Plagiarizing and receiving orders from domestic enterprises has become the ultimate decision of enterprise life. In this way, domestic hardware accessories will surely attend the high-end market.

The trend of outward growth of domestic household hardware enterprises shows that although there are many enterprises outside the industry, because of the noble cost and common fierce, a few enterprises rely on the reduction of product prices to obtain the market. As a result, the profits of enterprises are very low. On the basis of this, they can only achieve the situation of maintaining cost, but it is difficult to make profits. The results are low product prices and added value. Low profit, insufficient funds for enterprises to carry out continuous development. Enterprises have no choice but to improve, the industry will be difficult to promote, resulting in excellent, inferior.

Many international enterprises are excellent in product quality due to their permanent export or licensing for foreign investment. The key lies in changing the previous practice of paying more attention to consumption than brand, strengthening the brand operation talent and enterprise Abstract strategy understanding, so as to obtain the proper market position. With the vigorous growth of domestic cabinets, bathrooms and other household industries, most enterprises began to focus on the vast domestic market, export re-export has become the focus of enterprise growth. Home hardware enterprises have deeply thought of this point, and the future goal is to deeply join the domestic high-end market.